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Meet Our Staff

 Lōkahi (Harmony & Balance) in all we do...

Giulia Bradley (Owner/Instructor)
Giulia has over 16 years of horseback riding and training experience. Born in Maui and raised in Rome, Italy, she began her riding career at 8 years old. At age 9 Giulia began competing in show jumping and at the young age of 13 started riding professionally. By 19 years of age she was working in renowned equestrian circles, breaking and training, high-class horses 7 days a week.

In 2015 Giulia graduated from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa with a BA in French, Pre-Med and Pre-Vet. Her absolute passion for horses and desire to share it prompted her to forgo a career in medicine and pursue her dream. Hence, the creation of Lōkahi Horsemanship in 2016.

Born in Waialua in 1998, Hoku was ridden only Western style for 18 years until Giulia brought her to Lōkahi Horsemanship. She was given a full makeover including clipped fur, new shoes, detangled mane and tail and was ultimately introduced to English style riding. She quickly adapted to her new lifestyle and showed interest in jumping fences. Within a week she learned to jump as high as 4 ft.! Hoku has a very sensitive heart, is a quick-study and would do anything to make her rider happy. She's very patient and listens to all commands. She loves to roll around after her bath and graze on the tender young grass!

Leo was born in 2002.  At the age of 4 he moved to the same ranch as Hoku where he shared 10 years by her side. Not long after Hoku moved to Lōkahi Horsemanship we felt that the couple couldn't be separated any longer so he joined our team! It was love at firsts sight between Giulia and Leo! Once here, he too had to learn all about English style riding. Leo was raised around children and has the perfect patient temperament for the little ones. In fact, his favorite things to do are eat and nap! He does his job diligently and is an expert in sleep walking!     

Giulia rescued Noil from the Humane Society at 7 months old and instantly fell in love with his big puppy eyes and incredible energy. Not long after he was brought home Giulia realized he would be happiest running free all day at the ranch. He is quite the social butterfly, always making new friends and playing until his paws are too tired to run! His favorite toys are squeaky tennis balls and sticks and when he finds one he runs laps around the ranch like a race horse! He's the most loyal pup and can always be seen greeting students excitedly and joining in on lesson action with his best pals Giulia, Hoku and Leo!   

We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do. Contact us to learn more!