We come across people asking about some options for experienced riders.  Because Hawaii is a very tourist oriented place a lot of the horseback riding options are for beginners – often people never been on a horse.  But, there are some riders who already know how to ride horses – could be intermediate riders or advanced riders, that want to enjoy the riding itself as well as the scenery.  It’s not just a checkbox they want to tick off, but it’s the riding experience they also want to enjoy.  There aren’t a lot of options, but there are a couple.  Please find the options below.

Gunstock Ranch Advanced Sweetheart Ride

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When you go into the booking, it will look like a normal ride, but once you put in the basic info like how many people, name, etc. there will be an option to “Upgrade” it to advanced riding for $10 per person.

Horseback with Giulia

This will be an option for a small group.  Giulia is a solo operator with 3 horses, so it will have to be a small group.  But, because she isn’t with a bigger company where they have to do things the same way, she is open to custom designing the experience.  This is my personal favorite option when it’s just the two of us going on a ride with her guidance.

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Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay also offers Private/Advanced riding, but we don’t have much info at this time.  We’ll update once we gather more information.

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